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From Your People To Your Data,
We’re Here To Protect Your Business

Home Telecom Business Solutions partners with companies like Immedion, Unitrends, and StillSecure to bring our clients across the region the best in security and automation services.

With Home Telecom Business Solutions, you can rest easy knowing that your security is our priority. We’ll handle everything for you, including installation, configuration, management, and maintenance. Once set up, our systems undergo regular automated security processes, like weekly virus checks and real-time document scanning to track and eliminate potential threats before they turn into disasters.

We sum all of our findings into easy-to-digest, automatically-generated reports, so you can see exactly how hard our security and automation solutions are working to protect you. The best part is, all of our services are scalable and can be easily adjusted to meet the unique needs of your business.

What Customers Are Saying

"Internet is like water for us. We have to have good internet in order to function well for this sector of the economy to grow, so having a partner like Home Telecom help us just critically important."
    — John Osborne, CO-Founder/Director of Harbor Entrepreneur Center

"We were impressed with the variety of features offered by this VoIP system. It's also a cost-effective solution for us. We can share one voice PRI by using the VoIP technology."
    — Bill McKenzie, VP Development, Daniel Island Company - PRI Grcuit and ESI PBX customer

"A B&B needs safety, especially fire alarms, for good peace of mind. I've been a Home Telecom Security customer since November 2009 ... working with Home Telecom is like dealing with your family-the part of your family you actually like"
    — Lou Edens, owner, Charleston Area Bed and Breakfasts Rice Hope Plantation and Sunny Meadows - Security customer

"It's imperative for BCI to make every dollar count, and Home Telecom enables us to do that. Home Telecom is also a local business that's very community oriented ... Home Telecom has generously donated to our respite programs for families. "
    — Alice Shook, Executive Director, Berkeley Citizens - Non-profit Human Services Organization - Centrex (140+ lines}, HD Video, and Fiber internet customer

"Fortunately I can say for four years now we have had 100% uptime. They're nimble, they are proactive, and they're responsive, so that has been a great relationship."
    — Scott Corvino, Westrock, Director of I. T.

"We ultimately chose Home Telecom based on several reasons, including the availability and quality of fiber. In addition, their pricing was by far better than anything else out there ... And they're a local company with a local feel; we like that."
    — Eric Wright, Senior Linux Systems Admin, SPARC Software Development and System Integration Company - Metro Ethernet customer