Managed Network Security

Always On Guard

Our Managed Network Security solution enables organizations to focus on their core business instead of monitoring and responding to network disruptions. Managed Network Security is a critical component to a company’s success when doing business over the internet.

As corporate networks become increasingly critical to the productivity and profitability of organizations, the protection of these networks becomes more critical to the overall success of the business. Our staff of experts is experienced in managing security issues for businesses with varied compliance regulations and requirements across many industries. We ensure your systems are never vulnerable. Managed Network Security is more than just a firewall and includes around-the-clock management.

Service Highlights

  • Managed Firewall and VPN, both physical and virtual
  • Managed Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Virus and spam eradication
  • Content filtering
  • Traffic analysis

Further Enhance Security with StillSecure

Further Enhance Security with StillSecure's ProtectPoint

Home Telecom has partnered with StillSecure to ensure our customers have access to the best security services available. StillSecure's ProtectPoint™ managed security services protects you from internet attacks, stopping unauthorized access and preventing worms, trojans, and viruses from taking down your network. Subscription-based ProtectPoint™ services delivers both the technology and the round-the-clock expertise needed to protect your network and bring you into compliance with data security policies.

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