Virtual Private Networking

In today’s fast-moving, competitive environment, you depend on your network to connect all your locations seamlessly. With MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) service, we can ensure that they will be. You get an exclusive connection to our MPLS network providing a flexible and scalable private IP-based VPN service for all your locations. So no matter which protocols your various networks are running, your business won’t slow down.

  • Home Telecom Business Solutions private MPLS-VPN network converges all of your voice, data, and video on a single network connection. The result is cost savings and business continuity. Wherever you have offices, your associates can have access to critical applications – voice, video, conferencing– and company’s Intranet and Extranet accessible whenever and wherever needed.
  • Your information never touches the public internet, so there are no data security concerns. All of your information remains on our private, fiber–based network.
  • With our fully redundant network core, you do not need to be concerned about reliability.

Designed for flexibility and scalability, Home Telecom Business Solutions MPLS-VPN network can seamlessly handle challenging demands of today’s business communications. Additional bandwidth required for complex applications and large files can be accommodated without any business interruptions.

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