Server Monitoring Management

Always Keeping an Eye on your Systems

Home Telecom Business Solutions Systems Management service gives you access to well-trained IT specialists to assist you with your unique business requirements. Immedion works with you to determine exactly what your system management needs are and ensure your systems are never compromised.

Systems Management of servers, applications, and network infrastructure such as routers and firewalls minimizes downtime by providing proactive data interpretation and real-time metrics to identify, isolate, and track issues before they become business-impacting problems.

Service Highlights

Advanced Systems Monitoring

  • Server installation and configuration
  • Extensive server monitoring
  • Support of multiple hardware and operating systems
  • Best-practices for CPU utilization, Physical Memory, Virtual Memory and System Latency
  • Dual thresholds for major and critical events
  • Performance Availability, ensures complex applications are performing accurately
  • Port Monitoring
  • Complete VMware management
  • Complete network management
  • Web Monitoring
  • Email Monitoring
  • 24/7/365 monitoring of vital system metrics
  • Online customer portal for continuous device status
  • Events automatically delivered via pager, text message or email
  • Automatically restart critical services that have failed or stopped

Asset and Configuration Management

  • Comprehensive software inventory with immediate verification of patch levels across entire enterprise
  • Complete real-time inventory of all hardware within network
  • Track asset details
  • Create events for warranty and policy expiration dates
  • Integrate with Vendor and Provider Management
  • Automatically populates serial # and device hardware configuration
  • Configuration management of devices and interfaces
  • Vendor and provider management
  • Poll manufacturer-specific hardware agents (HP Insight Manager, Dell OpenManage™, IBM Director)

Patch Management

  • Around-the-clock patch management
  • Automatic detection and deployment of mandatory patches with ability to rollback to previous patch configurations
  • Expert engineer analysis and approval of patches prior to applications
  • Localized patch repositories for expedient download, application and rollback
  • Customer notification prior to patching
  • Automated reporting

Anti-Virus Management

  • Dual virus scanning
  • Automatically checks for and downloads available virus signature updates daily
  • Weekly full system virus scans
  • Real-time scanning on all incoming and outgoing files

Proactive System Administration

  • Home Telecom's Engineers perform scheduled administrative tasks to proactively mitigate issues
  • Trouble shooting and issue resolution all tracked and monitored