Home Telecom has designed and built a fiber network around the Charleston, South Carolina region that allows Home Telecom Business ™ Solutions to offer Voice, Data, Internet, HD Video and Security Solutions to meet your ever-changing needs, whether you are a small business or a larger enterprise. Plus, we have been serving local businesses for over 100 years.

What Our Customers Say

Tom Powers and the whole HOME Telecom team we worked with were unyieldingly professional; I honestly did not know telecom service providers could be this attentive, communicative, and stellar in their service performance. The HOME Telecom team helped bring connectivity to our historic building and the cost was extremely affordable for our nonprofit, especially in comparison to other providers. We are beyond impressed and happy with our service and our experience, and I would recommend them to anyone.

Public Works Art Center
Jana Riley- Executive Director

Mr. Helmly,

I would like to take a moment to thank your company for being such a pleasure to work with. We recently built a new, high tech branch in the Nexton community. Last fall, we were in communications with an account representative about having fiber installed into our new facility. Jon Stephens had someone come out onsite during the construction period and explain what building access would be needed to make the installation process easier. We installed conduit from our data room to the curb area that was recommended by your employee.

In May of this year, my co-worker, Trevor Goode, and I were onsite to complete the job of getting communications up. Unfortunately, communications to Home Telecom had fallen through the cracks on our side. Mr. Goode contacted Jon Stephens and a team was onsite that Monday to do a visual inspection of the installation. By Tuesday morning, Tommy Lightsey was onsite to place pull string into the conduit. It was then discovered that he could not get through the conduit to the curb. Another team showed up later that day with a compressor to attempt to blow the obstruction out of the conduit. Unfortunately, our electrician failed to glue the conduit underground and the air blew the joint apart closest to the obstruction. Most vendors that I have dealt with in the past, especially telecom vendors, would have walked away from the situation until we got it resolved. Not that I wasn’t impressed by Home Telecom’s quick response already, this is the point where your staff went above and beyond. That afternoon, they had people out at the site marking underground lines. The next morning they had a team in the yard with shovels digging up the problem area. They first removed the sod, then placed the dirt on a tarp and dug until the found the conduit with a break along with the unglued joint. They repaired the conduit, put the dirt and sod back into place and except for some paint marks in the grass, you couldn’t even tell that they were there. The following morning they were back onsite pulling the fiber into the building and by the end of the week we had Internet and Telephone service. Your technician Paul Genegrasso was very cordial and did a very professional job with the installation. He did an exit interview both times that he was onsite.

Not only did your team shatter my expectations with getting the fiber installed the same week we were onsite, they took care of issues that were not their responsibility. I have been dealing with telecommunications companies for many years and the only way that they usually amaze me is with how incompetent they are. I have huge respect for your company and especially your employees. I wish Home Telecom was located in more states where we have branches. One of my current fiber providers in another state is averaging 12-14 months from the time I sign paperwork to the time installation is complete. Your team did it within a week, even with complications.

Please pass along my respect and gratitude to the following Home Telecom employees.

Jon Stephens
Tommy Lightsey
Nick Ross
Barry Heward
Kyle Govan
Conner Burgage
Charles Mathews
Paul Genegrasso
And anyone that I might have missed.


Michael Logsdon
Information Technology Manager
Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union