Calling Plans

Local Calling Area

We realize that many businesses in our service area make many, if not most, of their “long distance” calls to areas close to home. So we offer Local Zone Calling, a service to enable you to call within certain “zones” or LATAs (Local Access Transport Areas) at lower rates.

With Local Zone Calling:

  • You dial the seven or 10-digit telephone number you’re calling. If you dial 1+ the Area Code, your call will be charged at your regular long distance rate.
  • Local Zone Calling is a one-way, outgoing service. Each telephone line you have requires its own option.
  • There is no installation or setup charge.
Package Monthly Package Minutes Price after Package Minutes
HLC Business 125 $5.00 125 0.05
HLC Business 400 $15.00 400 0.035
HLC Business 1200 $24.00 1200 0.035
HLC Business 5000 $75.00 5000 0.02
Local Zone Calling Map

Long Distance Domestic Plans

International Calling

Home Telecom offers competitive low rates to frequently called International locations. To view a list of our International rates, visit our Rates Page. International Calling Codes and dialing instructions.